Sistem Peramalan Persediaan Sparepart Menggunakan Metode Weight Moving Average dan Reorder Point

  • Cindy Ameilia Suhendra universitas catur insan cendekia
  • Marsani Asfi universitas catur insan cendekia
  • Widya Jati Lestari universitas catur insan cendekia
  • Ilwan Syafrinal universitas catur insan cendekia
Keywords: Forecasting, Weight Moving Average, Reorder point, WMA, ROP


SM Teknik is a trading business that sells motorbike spare parts, engineering tools, timber tools and provides repair services for woodworking machines and lathe corers. SM Teknik has a great opportunity to expand its market share. Efforts are made, namely by providing what consumers need in the right spare part stock. Therefore, in this study, forecasting inventory uses the Weight Moving Average (WMA) and the Reorder Point (ROP) method to determine the safe limit of inventory. The data used is sales data during 2018. Forecasting results obtained a value of 11 using the Weight Moving Average method and a value of 11 for the calculation of ROP. The system application is further developed so that it can be used to predict future sales value to increase revenue. The system will be built with the PHP programming language. The test results show that the system can be used.


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