Submission guide

Submit GuideFollowing are the steps for submitting a manuscript in SASAK Journal: Visual and Communication Design Register to the Sasak journal first.Then download the Sasak Journal Template.Customize your manuscript with the Sasak Journal Template format. If so, please login, then Submit your manuscript. Follow the guide that appears on the website until it's finished. Many of the author's fatal mistakes are not reading properly the guidelines on TEMPLATE. Therefore, before submitting, please check and re-check your manuscript, make sure it follows the Template Guidelines. DO NOT SEND/SUBMIT INSTRUCTIONS THAT DO NOT FIT THE TEMPLATE. For several reasons, manuscripts that do not conform to the template are sometimes immediately REJECTed and/or asked to be corrected if the error is minorIf so, then your manuscript will immediately be checked by the Editor, and will be reviewed by competent reviewers.To check the status of your manuscript, please login to the website. All activities in this Journal are web-based. including the review process.If you have something to ask the editor, use the discussion menu available on the website page after you log in.If you don't respond to any of your progress after a maximum of 1 week, please WA to 085328766577 by mentioning the name and title of the manuscript.We are committed to providing the best service for your manuscript to be better.