Author Guidelines

  1. General Requirements for Writing Manuscripts

          Guidelines for manuscript writers can be described as follows:

  • The manuscript is written in English with a line density of 1 space, Cambria 11, A4 paper size, one column format, and custom margin setting (top 2.5 cm; left 2.5 cm; bottom 2.5 cm; right 2.5 cm).
  • The length of a scientific manuscript should be no more than 4000 words or approximately 8-12 pages, which includes accompanying pictures, graphs or tables (if any).
  • Terms in foreign or local languages in the text are written in italics.
  • A literature review is not included as part of the article structure, so citing literature that is considered important can be integrated in the introductory chapter or in the results and discussion. Citing literature in results and discussions is only necessary and what is more important is discussing the results of data analysis that is found by authors.
  1. Scientific Article Structure

          In general, the structure of scientific articles published in Target : Jurnal Manajemen Bisnis        contains the following elements:

  • Title (7-12 words and does not contain uncommon abbreviations)
  • Author Identity, Affiliation, City and Country of Affiliation
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References