Author Guidelines

Papers must be written in English and submitted as MS Word or LATEX format files that include article title, author name, affiliation and address, keywords, all text, images, graphics, references and others. Papers submitted must comply with the provisions of margins, fonts and others by following the provisions of the template format (MS-Word A4 Template). Papers submitted must be at least 8 pages excluding references, and for papers in LATEX format by following the provisions of the writing format as in the template (LATEX Template).

All Authors must acknowledge and agree to the copyright form which is signed and scanned and uploaded and sent to the Editor.

After going through the review process, the accepted manuscript will be published online in the next edition. References must be cited in the main text and complete references must be provided in 9 pt font size as below (following the IEEE format), in the order in which they are cited in the text.


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