Jurnal Varian first published online in 2017 namely Vol 1 No 1 with a focus on topics namely Mathematics and Statistics. This journal, which was originated by Bumigora University, was originally the OJS system used in version 2.xx. For the development and ease of management, starting in 2018 the journal management system has migrated to OJS 3.xx. To date, the Variant Journal has been indexed by several indexing institutions such as Google Schoolar, IOS and Crossref. In the future, the target of Jurnal Varian is to beindexed by SINTA (Ristekdikti) and several other reputable journal indexers.

The Jurnal Varian accepts research articles in all fields of Mathematics and Statistics, especially Time series midwives, Data Analysis Categories, Multivariate Statistics, Non Parametric Statistics, Econometrics, Data Mining, Spatial Data, Quality Control, Insurance Theory, Financial Statistics, Bayesian Analysis, Design Analysis Experimentation, Reliability, Statistics Computing, Boostrap, Wavelet, Neural Network, Sample Survey Analysis and other fields related to statistics and applications. This journal also receives papers on literature surveys that stimulate research in the fields mentioned above.

e-ISSN : 2581-2017