• Gilang Primajati STMIK Bumigora Mataram
Keywords: Resampled efficient frontier, Value at risk, Montecarlo


In the world of capital markets, especially the investment market, the formation of a portfolio is something that must be understood by investors. Portfolio formation is done by investors to maximize profits as much as possible by minimizing the risk of losses that may occur. Such an objective is said to be an efficient portfolio. Resampled efficient is a new concept in the formation of a portfolio introduced by Michaud. The Respected efficient frontier portfolio is made up of the weight of the asset, which is the average result of the Mean-Varian efficient weights with a certain rate of return. This procedure ensures that after average average weights the portfolio's mean-variant will remain the same as one. In portfolio optimization, the risk level is a matter of concern, the level of risk measured by Value at Risk (VaR) simulated by Montecarlo simulation. In this article used IPO stock to determine the optimization of its weight. For IPO shares, the trend of losses is greater than those of established stocks although returns on IPO stocks are positive but the changes for efficient portfolio formation tend to be negative.


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