Perencanaan dan Pengembangan Karir

  • Riane Johnly Pio
Keywords: Career, Planning, development


This paper aims to discuss about career planning and development seen from the aspect of business organization. Planning is something that is very important in starting a career in the world of work for individuals who choose to work in the company. Through good planning one can get a career picture that can be taken in a career path throughout the working age. Throughout the ages of human beings within the normal life span of up to seventy years, will find career stages that can be a foothold for planning and developing careers. To achieve a good career, every individual who works in the company must understand the career components that are part of the source of management evaluation in determining the promotion in a particular position. However, one's career progress will be determined also by factors affecting career choice, career planning framework, career development stages in the organization and the role of the human resources department in career planning and development. However, a career is something that must be realized and continue to be pursued by employees and should avoid the conditions of career stagnation. Through career planning and development will be able to provide assurance to employees transparently and can grow and develop all the skills, intellectual, insight, motivation and dedication of employees to the organization and responsibilities of position and occupation.


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