Pengamanan Layanan Private Cloud Storage Menggunakan HTTPS, IPTables dan SSTP

  • I Putu Hariyadi
  • Raisul Azhar
Keywords: Cloud Storage, HTTPS, IPTables, SSTP, Nextcloud


STMIK Bumigora is a computer college in the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The spread of data from 12 (twelve) sections on each staff computer or section head causes data search both within and between sections to be inefficient. The condition underlies the prototype development of Nextcloud-based Private Cloud Storage system as centralized data storage for each part. This system has been successfully created and tested and received a positive response for immediate implementation. But PusTIK as part of managing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is still considering to delay implementation until security is done to access and transfer data between client to Private Cloud Storage Server. In addition there is also a need to remain able to access to Cloud Storage services from the Internet, especially when the academic community is on duty out of town or out of campus. The implementation of Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (IPTables) and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (VPN) based Server Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and IPTables on Gateway Routers can help solve the problems encountered. Based on the analysis there is a known test results HTTPS can secure access and transfer data from client to Cloud Storage Server. While IPTables can protect Private Cloud Storage server from unwanted traffic so it can keep the service available. In addition, SSTP can bridge the need for access and security of communications to Private Cloud Storage service from the Internet.


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