• Ahmad Fadhil Naswir
  • Rikip Ginanjar
  • R.B Wahyu
  • Eko Syamsuddin Hasrito
  • Yuyu Wahyu
  • Budi Sulityo
Keywords: web scraping, health care, hospital information


Health is the important aspect in every human life. People cannot determine when they are not healthy or detect whether sickness will come to them. However, choosing the medical treatment for a sickness is quite hard to do, especially if the sickness is come in suddenly. Minimum health care/treatment is one of main problem in Indonesia, health treatment information is quite hard to find. For example in a certain hospital, the information provided is not completely enough to give people information about medical (doctor, schedule, etc). The purpose of this research is to develop an application for help the user (patient) to search or find information about hospital, doctor name on the hospital, and the schedule. The important details of the information will scrap by the application and the data will process on the application & database system and displayed according to the user needs. There will be several features that user (patient) can explore on this application. Some additional feature like hospital list or hospital websites will also be provided. This application will provide the important hospital information using scrap method which get the data from the original hospital websites.


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