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Keywords: data security, encryption method, pseudorandom modification sequence


Security on data by owned becoming a need and necessity that is very important in all aspects of social life. Security of data and information is a key factor that determines whether the data forefront of the information is still useful and can be used. In the banking world a lot of customer data that must be protected and carefully considered the safety factor like e-banking, sms banking, internet banking, etc. One of the ways to improve data security is with cryptography. This cryptographic technique used to perform the encryption and decryption of data, convert or transform data into a code specific code. This study aims to improve data security level with Pseudorandom Modification Sequence. This algorithm was more safety because it couldn’t be read by anyone except by those who are entitled. The advantage of this encryption technique that uses encryption algorithm is very light but safe in the sense that the results of the encryption can hide the original data into a form that is difficult to translate. The results achieved with this algorithm obtained an accuracy of above 95% to returns to the initial form.


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