Rancang Bangun Cloud Printing System Studi Kasus : Fakultas Vokasi, Universitas Airlangga

  • Rachman Sinatriya Marjianto
  • Nasa Zata Dina
Keywords: Cloud Printing, Cloud Computing


Printing a document is a necessity for academicians. Not only the student, but also the lectures as well as the academic staffs require the availability of a printing service to support their activities. Therefore, printer is a common facility for the lectures and the academic staffs. In a case if the printers have to be shared using a network a specific configuration is needed for both the server and the client. In some circumstances, installing the driver can be a problem. For the students, they have to go to the copy shop. Virus, the distance to the copy shop and the waiting time can become the issues. A survey has been conducted and its result shows that 96% of the respondents are expecting the availability of a printing service. In this paper a design of a cloud printing system is proposed. For the purpose of the system design, survey and interview are used for gathering the data. Use case diagram is used to design the system. The proposed system should allow sending the file via a web and the printing process running automatically. The user will receive a notification when the printing is finished. The system is designed to work autonomously.


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