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Jurnal SASAK : Desain Visual dan Komunikasi with the e-ISSN. 2685-4120 is a journal published by Bumigora University. The Sasak Journal was first published in May 2019 and has a publishing period twice a year, namely in May and November. The contents of the Sasak Journal are related to Visual Communication Design both in the fields of scientific ontology, epistemology and axiology. The scope of articles in SASAK Journal : Visual and Communication Design is as follows: 1. Graphic Design includes Branding, Packaging, Web Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Typography and Photography 2. Multimedia includes Videography, Animation, Video Mapping, VR, AR and Games 3. Advertising includes Commercial Campaigns and Non-Commercial Campaigns Articles submitted to the Sasak Journal  will be processed using the Online Journal System (OJS), so that authors can monitor the entire process up to the publication of the article. Articles published in Sasak journals can be accessed openly for educational, research and library purposes. For more information, please contact admin via email sasak.jurnal@universitasbumigora.ac.id or WA number (085328766577)