MATRIK : Jurnal Manajemen, Teknik Informatika dan Rekayasa Komputer <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>MATRIK: Journal of Management, Informatics Engineering and Computer Engineering </strong>is one of the Scientific Journals organized in Universitas Bumigora (formerly known as STMIK Bumigora Mataram) under the Institute for Research and Community Service (red: LPPM). This journal aims to provide a forum of publication for both internal and external lecturers, researchers and practitioners at Universitas Bumigora. It is published two times a year; in May and November. MATRIK focusing its publications on Information and Computer Science such as; Data Mining / Web Mining, Datawarehouse, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cloud &amp; Grid Computing, Decision Support System, Human Computer &amp; Interaction, Mobile Computing &amp; Application, E-System , Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Information Retrieving (IR), Computer Network &amp; Security, Multimedia Systems, Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Accounting Information Systems, Database Security, Network Security, Fuzzy Logic, Expert Systems, Image Processing, Computer Graphic, Computer Vision, Semantic Web, and many others related to Computer Science and Information Technology. Further information please proceed the admin via email at <strong></strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">e-ISSN. <a href=";1444611192&amp;1&amp;&amp;" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2476-9843</a><strong>&nbsp; |&nbsp;</strong>p-ISSN. <a href=";1180426779&amp;1&amp;&amp;" target="_blank" rel="noopener">1858-4144</a></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> en-US (Lalu Ganda Rady Putra) (Sulistianti) Thu, 07 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0800 OJS 60 Analisis Perbandingan Performa Virtualisasi Server Sebagai Basis Layanan Infrastructure As A Service Pada Jaringan Cloud <p style="text-align: justify;">Cloud Computing provides convenience and comfort to every service. Infrastructure as a Service is one of the cloud computing services that is a choice of several users, it is very important to know the performance of each existing platform in order to get the maximum result according to our needs. In this study, testing 3 platforms of cloud computing service providers are VMWare ESXi, XenServer, and Proxmox, using action research methods. From the results of performance measurements, then analyzed and compared with the minimum and maximum limits. The tested indicators are response time, throughput, and resource-utilization as a comparison of server virtualization performance implementations. In the resource utilization testing when the condition of installing an operating system, CPU usage on the Proxmox platform shows the lowest usage of 10.72%, and the lowest RAM usage of 53.32% also on the Proxmox platform. In the resource test utilization when idle state shows the lowest usage of 5.78% on the Proxmox platform, while the lowest RAM usage is 57.25% on the VMWare ESXi platform. The mean resource utilization tests indicate that the Proxmox platform is better. At the throughput test when the upload measurement of the XenServer platform is better 1.37 MB/s, while the throughput test when the download of the VMWare ESXi platform is better than 1.39 MB/s. On response time testing shows the platform VMWare ESXi as the fastest is 0.180 sec.</p> Deni Marta, M. Angga Eka Putra, Guntoro Barovih ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 15 Sep 2019 15:10:27 +0800 Analisis Perbandingan Kinerja Layanan Infrastructure As A Service Cloud Computing Pada Proxmox dan Xenserver <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Cloud computing is a technology that utilizes the internet as a service so that it does not use too many physical computers because the cloud computing system uses a virtual system where by using a computer alone it can provide services to many computers at the same time with a virtualization system. Research conducted by researchers focuses on comparing the performance of Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Computing services with the aim to finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the two types of software with type 1 hypervisor technology, namely Proxmox and Xenserver. The method used in this study is to use action research. The testing scheme conducted in this study is testing CPU load and memory usage, benchmark testing, network traffic testing, and retrieval of service user responsses. The results of testing on Xenserver and Proxmox get good responsse results for CPU load and memory usage testing, benchmark testing, network traffic testing then for responsse results from users Proxmox get a total value of 3848 and Xenserver 3739.</em></p> Surahmat Surahmat, Alfred Tenggono ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 15 Sep 2019 16:28:50 +0800 Analisis Perbandingan Metode TAM dan Metode UTAUT 2 dalam Mengukur Kesuksesan Penerapan SIMRS pada Rumah Sakit Wijaya Kusuma DKT Purwokerto <p><em>Guidelines regarding the development of health services by the community indirectly require the management and executors of health services to provide services in an optimal and professional manner. With the help of information systems, it is expected to help management to achieve improved health services. This study aims to analyze the success of the application of the Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS), especially the medical record information system applied at Wijaya Kusuma Hospital, DKT Purwokerto. The TAM and UTAUT 2 methods are used by several researchers to measure the success of the application of information systems based on the wishes of users / consumers in using information systems. The TAM method was developed to explain the behavior of information system users. Placing attitude factors and each user behavior with the construct. UTAUT 2 is a development of the previous method which aims to help companies / organizations to understand how the use of information technology in supporting company / organizational performance Comparison of the final results of both methods is done to determine the extent to which the success of information systems can be explained by the two analysis results. produced. The final result stated that a better method was used in the success of the hospital management information system at Wijaya Kusuma Hospital, DKT Purwokerto, namely the UTAUT 2 method because the UTAUT method was able to measure 2,109 while the TAM method only measured 1,782.</em></p> Fiby Nur Afiana, Pungkas Subarkah, A. Kholil Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 25 Sep 2019 11:56:51 +0800 Pengenalan Plat Kendaraan Bermotor dengan Menggunakan Metode Template Matching dan Deep Belief Network <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>The license plate of the vehicle is unique and is only owned by one vehicle per vehicle plate series, to make it easier for the police, especially the traffic police, to track traffic violators through the vehicle number plate. The Deep Belief Network algorithm works by processing the dataset through 3 stages, where the first layer is trained, the results of the first layer are then re-trained, and the results of the second layer calculation are made into the third layer count, the mean results on the calculation of the third layer become the result of learning Deep Belief Network then with the Template Matching algorithm, Deep Belief Network is assisted with the introduction of vehicle plates. In a study conducted using the DBN algorithm with the Template Matching method succeeded in recognizing a vehicle plate with a success percentage of 80% from 20 trials. The experiments carried out included plates that were not clearly seen. Failures that occur in the trials are generally due to under- or over-lighting on the vehicle plate</em>.</p> Michael Michael, Frenky Tanoto, Eric Wibowo, Frenky Lutan, Abdi Dharma ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 17:01:57 +0800 Implementasi Algoritma Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Untuk Mendeteksi Ujaran Kebencian (Hate Speech) Pada Kasus Pilpres 2019 <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Researches involving Artificial Neural Network (ANN) or its derivative have been published all around the world, spesifically to solve data mining problem, classification, clusterinf, or detection problems. Recurrent Neural Network is a class of ANN with Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) as its one of the architecture that commonly used in deep learning problems. On this paper, we use LSTM to detect hate speech on social media related with Indonesia President Election on 2019. There are several steps on this research, we start with literature study, data collection, data preprocessing, training step, and testing step.&nbsp; The dataset consist of 950 sentences, while the testing data consist of 190 comments on Facebook. The best model performance was reached with recall value 0.7021, which menas that from the whole relevant instances on the testing data, 70.21% were categorized as relevant, on this case as hate speech (HS). The other performance parameter value as in accuracy and precision still quite low due to the testing data that comes directly from social media which highly possible consist of inconsistent choises of words, informal words, or contains grammatically error sentences. </em></p> Aini Suri Talita, Aristiawan Wiguna ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 17:31:16 +0800 Media Pembelajaran Tentang Klasifikasi Binatang Berbasis Video Animasi 3 Dimensi di SMP Negeri 2 Wangon <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>The media is one of the supporting factors that can influence success in education. An education system that only gives lectures tends to make students get bored quickly. Even students are often sleepy when the teacher explains. As a result, the knowledge delivered by the teacher is not optimally absorbed. This proves that students tend to be interested in explanations in the form of visual images. It is hoped that the existence of a 3-dimensional animated video-based media to explain material about animal classification, especially in SMP Negeri 2 Wangon. Media itself is a component that can stimulate a person's mind so they have the desire to learn. The method in making 3-dimensional video animation, through the pre-production, production and post-production stages. In making 3-dimensional video, it explains the classification of animals consisting of pisces, amphibians, reptiles, aves, and mammals. Each is briefly explained and there are examples of each. The final results in the implementation of 3-dimensional video at SMP Negeri 2 Wangon have been successful and enthusiastic students and teachers, hoping that there will be improvements in making 3-dimensional animated videos, especially in animal modeling.</em></p> Debby Ummul Hidayah, Pungkas Subarkah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 17:49:03 +0800 Penerapan Sistem Tertanam untuk Monitoring Kandang Ayam Broiler <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Broilers are fast growing animals that are influenced by environmental conditions. Routine monitoring is needed, especially temperature, humidity and ammonia levels. In this study, the authors propose an embedded system that can detect temperature, humidity and ammonia levels. This system works by sending temperature, humidity and ammonia gas information routinely once a day to the henhouse operator via text message (SMS), or information will be sent if environmental conditions are above/below the threshold. The embedded system was built using microcontrollers, temperature and humidity sensors as well as ammonia sensors. The microcontroller uses Arduino. Temperature and humidity sensors use DHT11, while the ammonia level sensor uses MQ-135. Embedded system communication uses the GSM SIM800L module, this module is responsible for sending the henhouse environmental conditions to the operator via SMS. Testing is done in two stages, namely functionality and connectivity. The functionality test proves that the sensor can produce information on temperature, humidity and ammonia levels by comparing it with conventional tools. The connectivity test proves that the GSM SIM800L module can send monitoring data every day and certain conditions.</em></p> Fathurrahmani Fathurrahmani, Wiwik Kusrini, Khairul Anwar Hafizd, Arif Supriyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 18:09:30 +0800 Pengujian Usability dengan Teknik System Usability Scale pada Test Engine Try Out Sertifikasi <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Test engine try out is an information system used by prospective alumni students to practice the questions in taking the certification exams at Bina Darma University. Exercises that can be done on this test engine are vendor certifications such as Microsoft Technology Associate, SAP, NIIT, PASAS, CISCO, and various other certifications. To ascertain whether the test engine is in line with the expectations and needs of the participants try out then an evaluation is carried out. The evaluation technique used is usability with the system usability scale approach. System usability scale is an information system evaluation technique that looks at three aspects, namely adjective rating, grade scale, acceptability by involving end users in the evaluation process. In the process of evaluating the usability scale system, ten instruments were used as a measure of evaluation. From the evaluation, the final result is 87.33. According to these conditions, it can be concluded that the test engine try out from the side of the adjective rating includes the excellence group, from the grade scale side including B group, and from the acceptability side including the acceptable group.</em></p> Suyanto Suyanto, Usman Ependi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 18:24:03 +0800 Perancangan Arsitektur Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi Menggunakan Togaf ADM (Studi Kasus Dinas Perhubungan Kota Balikpapan) <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Utilization of information systems or technology in an organization is needed to improve organizational efficiency. This relates to the rapid development of information systems or technology that affect the ongoing business processes. The effectiveness is in the form of aligning business strategy with information system strategy and business transformation. However, the dilemma faced especially in Government agencies such as the Balikpapan City Department of Transportation is how to align business strategies and information systems strategies that will be used so as to achieve organizational goals. &nbsp;Responding to the problem, it is necessary to align between the business needs of the organization and the needs of the application to support the vision and mission to be achieved by the Balikpapan City Department of Transportation. This can be achieved by using the framework of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) which provides a detailed method of how to build, manage and implement an enterprise architecture known as the Architecture Development Method (ADM), hereafter referred to as TOGAF ADM. This research produces a mapping of business needs and application needs to support the vision and mission to be achieved through the information systems or technology architecture design including business architecture modeling, information system architecture, and technology architecture on the Balikpapan City Department of Transportation.</em></p> Soleh Ardiansyah, Adani Setiorini, Lovinta Happy Atrinawati, Tegar Palyus Fiqar ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 19:20:27 +0800 Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Reservasi Paket Wisata Untuk Internal Karyawan PT. Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) Tbk <p style="text-align: justify;">PT. Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) is a member of Garuda Indonesia, which provides free ticket facilities every year for its permanent employees. However, most of its employees have problems in making tour package reservations due to the lack of knowledge of tourist attractions. The purpose of this research is to provide solutions for PT. GMF employees in making tour package reservations, and it can be the solution for Koperasi Karyawan Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia Sejahtera (KopKar GMF AAS) business opportunities in tourism sector. This research is using the interview method, observation, and literature review to compile the research supporting data, whereas the analysis method and design is using object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD). The result of this research is a form of system design which provides convenience for the employees who are making tour package reservations, as well as a business solution for KopKar GMF AAS. PT. GMF employees as the user of the tour package reservations user, and KopKar GMF AAS as the admin (administrator) of the system. The analysis and the development of this tour package reservations system include four main processes, which are creating travel plan, booking the travel package, payment confirmation, and managing transactions.</p> Angelina Ervina Jeanette Egeten, Lya Santi Rahayu, Riansyah Rafsanjani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 19:42:15 +0800 Analisis Pengukuran Tingkat Kepuasan Pengguna Terhadap Penerapan Aplikasi SISKEUDES Pada Kabupaten Banyuasin Sumatera Selatan <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>SISKEUDES is a village finance application that was developed in 2015 by the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency. Banyuasin District has implemented SISKEUDES, and in 2017 as many as 227 villages have used this system. The application of SISKEUDES with the level of user satisfaction can determine the success of the implementation of the SISKEUDES system itself. This study took a sample in Banyuasin district, South Sumatra province. The aim of the study analyzes the level of user satisfaction in the application of SISKEUDES using multiple linear regression. In this study, researchers used quantitative research methods with the application of the Green-Pearson model consisting of Easy of Use, Customization, Download Delay, and Content variables. This study uses a questionnaire measuring device consisting of 93 respondents from nineteen districts in Banyuasin district, where the measurement scale used is a Likert scale and data analysis is tested for validity, reliability and multiple regression. The results of the study get the regression equation Y = -0.4.727 + 0.1.050 X1 + 0.1.222 X2 + -0.082 X3 + 0.042 X4. The variables X1 and X2 significantly influence the variable Y, while the variables X3 and X4 have no effect on the variable Y.</em></p> Mardiana Mardiana, Eka Hartati ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 20:21:24 +0800 Prototipe Alat Kirim Pesan Singkat Tindak Kejahatan sebagai Solusi Peningkatan Keamanan Berbasis Lokasi <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Very rarely the crime can be done early help or handled by the security forces while the perpetrators are still at the scene of the crime. The effort to get help from crime by reporting to the police requires a relatively long time, which is between 30 minutes to 2 hours. To reduce the number of criminal acts and early relief efforts, a tool to send short messages of crime was developed. Development of tools implements the Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller as the main component for program storage. Location coordinates are obtained from the Ubox 160n GPS module. Short messages containing biodata and location coordinates will be sent by the GSM SIM900L module. The destination number will receive a message that can be used to trace the location of the crime through Googlemaps. This tool equipped with a battery that can be recharged with a cell phone charger making this tool portable, practical and efficient. Using this Alat kirim pesan singkat tindak kejahahatan is very time efficient. The sending of a crime message is done in a very short time. By tapping the message directly the Googlemaps application opens and displays the location of the crime.</em></p> Wire Bagye, Maulana Ashari, Mohammad Taufan Asri Zaen ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 20:37:42 +0800 Sistem Deteksi Struktur Kalimat Bahasa Arab Menggunakan Algoritma Light Stemming <p style="text-align: justify;">To understand Arabic, it is necessary to study nahwu theory. Nahwu theory is the study of structure of Arabic sentences. By learning nahwu, being able to distinguish subjects, predicates and objects in sentences. One of the fields in the computer that studies about human language processing is NLP (Natural Language Processing), which is natural human language processing through syntactic analysis of sentences structure. One method to analyzing syntactic of sentences is stemming. One variant of the stemming algorithm is Light Stemming algorithm. Light Stemming algorithm is an algorithm that only removes prefix and sufix. Based on the tests conducted, the light stemming algorithm is able to detect nahwu with an accuracy rate of 82.22%. The 17.78% failure rate occurs because words that do not have an affix will be detected automatically the type is fi’il (verb), even though the fact may be that the type is isim (noun), and the failure of the detection results is also due to not being able to stemming the words that have affix in the middle (infix), because indeed the process of light stemming only eliminates the sufix and prefix.</p> Mudafiq Riyan Pratama, Muhammad Yunus ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 21:17:55 +0800 Pemanfaatan Aplikasi Customer Relation Management pada koperasi <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Cooperatives are usually referred to as a means to help people from low economic circles up to economic conditions upwards. With the existence of a unit for savings and loans can help the community in the district of Kabanjahe open a business in improving the economy of the people in Kabanjahe. Payment of invoices by customers and events to be carried out by cooperatives never arrive due to a lack of information received by customers. Therefore we need a system that is very helpful in the process of supporting events in the cooperative. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application can assist in the notification process and simplify the cooperative payment transaction process. This research can facilitate the cooperatives and cooperative members in conducting transactions and is very helpful also to customers in the notification process of cooperative activities and customer bills and notifications are given 3 days before the activities or events from CU.</em></p> Samuel Manurung, Mufria J. Purba ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 02 Nov 2019 21:54:04 +0800 Identifikasi Ekstraksi Fitur untuk Gerakan Tangan dalam Bahasa Isyarat (SIBI) Menggunakan Sensor MYO Armband <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Indonesian: Indonesian SIBI has been widely reviewed by researchers using different types of cameras and sensors. The ultimate goal is to produce a strong, fast and accurate movement recognition process. One that supports talk of movement using sensors on the MYO Armband tool. This paper explains how to use raw data generated from the MYO Armband sensor and extract integration so that it can be used to facilitate complete hand, arm and combination movements in the SIBI sign language dictionary. MYO armband uses five sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation, euler-orientation and EMG. Each sensor produces data that is different in scale and size. This requires a process to make the data uniform. This study uses the min-max method to normalize any data on the MYO Armband sensor and the Moment Invariant method to extract the vector features of hand movements. Testing is done using sign language Movement statistics both dynamic signals. Testing is done using cross validation.</em></p> Angga Rahagiyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 03 Nov 2019 08:48:59 +0800 Implementasi Google Maps API Pemetaan Jalur Evakuasi Bencana Alam di Kabupatem Lombok Utara <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Basically, Indonesia is traversed by three active tectonic plates namely the Indo-Australian Plate in the south, and the Eurasian Plate in the north and the Pacific Plate in the east. The plates collide with each other because the Indo-Australian Plate movement drops below the Eurasian plate. As a result of this accumulation, it caused earthquakes, volcanoes, and faults or faults in parts of Indonesia. In the Geographic Information System evacuation routes will be used by Google maps Api to implement the spatial map making of evacuation routes. Google Map Api is an application interface that can be accessed via javascript so that Google Map can be displayed on the web page that we are building. The result or output to be achieved is the creation of a geographic information system mapping natural disaster evacuation route in the North Lombok district that can be run on a Web platform. Based on the trials conducted it can be concluded that this application can help the community to find the location of evacuation routes and gathering points in accordance with the districts and villages where they live.</em></p> Khaerul Yasin, Ahmat Adil ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 03 Nov 2019 09:20:31 +0800 Pemilihan Merek Beras yang Diminati Konsumen Studi Kasus CV Beras Alami Menggunakan AHP <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Rice is one of the staple foods of society in general, the need for rice supply is increasing every year. The increasing population in the Jababeka area is a threat to staple food supplies. To determine the selection of Rice Brands, it takes rice criteria in order to determine the best quality of rice, and increase sales. So that it can meet consumer needs for rice. In the selection of rice brands at CV Beras Alami&nbsp; uses a voting system, this is clearly less valid in its election because it is subjective. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is used as a method for decision making, as a solution in selecting rice brands in CV Beras Alami. The Expert Choice application is used as a support system to facilitate the selection of rice brands that are in demand by consumers. The results can be known during the 2018 period that rice is widely consumed is Garuda Utama.</em></p> Agus Salim, Baginda Oloan Lubis ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 03 Nov 2019 09:40:10 +0800 Implementasi Support Vector Regression pada Prediksi Inflasi Indeks Harga Konsumen <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Inflation reflects an increase in the prices of these items as well as those used by the Indonesian government, especially Bank Indonesia, in determining monetary policy. An indicator that can be obtained by Bank Indonesia in measuring inflation is the Consumer Price Index. This study discusses inflation prediction using the SVR method. Inflation test data issued by Bank Indonesia. As a comparison material for the kernel used in the SVR method using two kernels, namely Linear and Radial Base Function. The error rate evaluation results show that linear kernels produce better values, with a MAPE rate of 8.70% and MSE of 0.0037</em></p> Bakhtiyar Hadi Prakoso ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 05 Nov 2019 22:04:18 +0800 Implementasi Algoritma Fuzzy C-Means dalam Mengelompokkan Kecamatan di Tana Luwu Berdasarkan Produktifitas Hasil Perkebunan <p>This study aims to classify sub-districts in Tana Luwu&nbsp; (Kabupaten Luwu, Luwu Timur, Luwu Utara, dan Palopo City ) using Fuzzy C-Means algorithm. The data used are data from BPS on the results of estate crops, namely coconut, oil palm, coffee, pepper, cocoa, clove, and land area. The results obtained from this study are from 45 sub-districts, there are 8 districts that are included into productive categories namely Burau, Sabbang, Mappedeceg, Baebunta, West Malangke, Sukamaju, Bone-Bone, and Tanalili. In addition, this study also found that matrix pseudo-partition selection can affect this algorithm in terms of the number of iterations produced.</p> Bobby Poerwanto, Baso Ali ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 05 Nov 2019 22:25:16 +0800 Klasterisasi Data Rekam Medis Pasien Menggunakan Metode K-Means Clustering di Rumah Sakit Anwar Medika Balong Bendo Sidoarjo <p style="text-align: justify;">The use of information management systems that are owned by hospitals is still limited to being used only for the operation of daily patient service transactions and making reports only. The use of SIMRS is not optimal, it should pile the data stored in the database server can be used to generate new information if we dig deeper with the IT approach. This study uses data mining techniques with K-Means clustering method to cluster the patient's medical record data. The results of this study produce column 4 clusters consisting of districts, diagnoses of diseases, age and sex.The results of this study produce column 4 clusters consisting of districts, diagnoses of diseases, age and sex. Cluster 1 produced many patients consisting of 79(15%) female patients, Cluster 2 produced many patients consisting of 214(50%) male patients. Likewise Cluster 3 produced 89(17%) female patients. people and cluster 4 produced many patients consisting of 152(28%) female patients.The grouping of patient medical record data produces new information about the pattern of grouping of disease spread in each district based on the patient's medical record data from Anwar Medika Hospital as much as 534 data with a completion time of 0.06 seconds</p> Amir Ali ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 06 Nov 2019 10:45:00 +0800 Meningkatkan Rasa Nasionalisme Siswa Melalui Game Base Learning <p style="text-align: justify;">The birth of Game Based Learning take a new prespective to learing method while using a Game for learning proccess. This is a good opportunity for lecturer and theacher to increas and update their learning instrument that can be used. Some studies about game founded the approach of through the medium of games of the match learning in a significant way capable of effecting the improve achievement , the motivation to study , and the level of satisfaction in the style of of students to study. This study focused on increasing students nationalism through the game base learning in learning procces for Senior high students where players trained to make a deccision, analyze, and decide own attitude in the games. This game based learning research apply for learning nationalism lessons consists of four phases, design phase, data collection stage, the analysis and discussion stage phase, the documentation and research results phase. To stage of game design base learning with learning and analysis mapping game mechanics for serious games analysis (LM-GM) as the mapping of learning in the game. The purpose through this game is learning from the game play can be shown that the approach proposed effectively gives understanding of learning that given. In addition, also found that game is can help students studies learning the history.</p> Anugerah Bagus Wijaya, Suliswaningsih Suliswaningsih, Argiyan Dwi Pritama ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 07 Nov 2019 22:01:41 +0800 Analisa Kinerja System Gluster FS pada Proxmox VE untuk Menyediakan High Availability <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Virtualization is used as a means to improve the scalability of existing hardware. Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) with hypervisor type based on open source. PVE can use Network Attached Storage as a network-based storage location in GlusterFS storage, which is a distributed file system. The research methodology uses Network Development Live Cycle (NDLC) which has 3 (three) stages, namely analysis, design, and simulation prototyping. The analysis phase is carried out by collecting data by means of literature study and data analysis. The design phase is carried out making the design of network systems and trials. At the simulation stage prototyping tests various scenarios and analyzes Read, Write and Re-Write tests. The system in PVE is integrated with GlusterFS storage made using two servers including the PVE 1 and PVE 2 servers. GlusterFS performance results show that the Read file capability is higher compared to Write, and Re-write in the measurement variations of 1mb, 10mb and 100mb files. In conclusion, GlusterFS can be clustered using the same node as PVE Cluster which can use GlusterFS as additional storage for PVE. GlusterFS also supports live migration features so that LXC or VM can do live migration from one node to another in an online state. The ability to write, re-write and read files on GlusterFS is also relatively stable in testing file size variations.</em></p> Lalu Zazuli Azhar Mardedi, Ariyanto Ariyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 05 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0800