Focus & Scope

The MATRIK Journal is one of the Scientific Journals found at Bumigora University, Mataram, which is managed under the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM). This journal aims to provide a forum or means of publication for lecturers, researchers and practitioners both in the internal and external environment of STMIK Bumigora Mataram. The Matrix Journal contains publications in the Information and Computer Sector with the focus of the following themes:

- Data Mining / Web Mining
- Datawarehouse
- Artificial intelligence
- Business Intelligence
- Cloud & Grid Computing
- Decision Support System
- Human Computer & Interaction
- Mobile Computing & Application
- E-System
- Machine Learning
- Deep Learning
- Information Retrievel (IR)
- Computer Network & Security
- Multimedia System
- Information Systems
- Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
- Accounting information system
- Database Security
- Network Security
- Fuzzy
- Expert System
- Image Processing
- Computer Graphic
- Computer Vision
- Semantic Web
- and others who are allied with Computer Science and Information Technology

MATRIK Journal is published 2 (two) times a year in the even (May) and Odd (November) periods.

e-ISSN. 2476-9843 | p-ISSN. 1858-4144