Pelatihan Implementasi Machine Learning pada Bidang Pendidikan

  • Hairani Hairani Universitas Bumigora
Keywords: Machine Learning, Python, Flask, Google Colab


Machine learning is a machine that can learn like humans. Machine learning (ML) technology was developed so that machines can learn by themselves without direction from the user. Machine learning consists of various disciplines such as statistics, mathematics and data mining so that machines can learn by analyzing data patterns without the need to be explicitly reprogrammed. Making machine learning applications is not easy because you have to have good understanding of methods and programming skills. Therefore, this service uses a solution to improve the abilities of the participants, namely a training approach by presenting material and demonstrating the use of machine learning in midwifery education. The activity was carried out on April 21 2021 online via the Zoom Meeting application with student participants. Based on the results of the material presentation session and hands-on practice using the Python programming language at Google Colab, it showed that the participants looked enthusiastic in following the material. Not only that, the participants know various machine learning methods and can apply them in completing a case study and building web applications with Flask tools.